Guide to Ishigaki Island Island Tour

I requested guests to take me around Ishigakijima Island Tour and accompanied them.
We leave at 9:15.
First of all we went to the Tamatorizaki viewpoint.


I showed the banyan tree. It is a place I know little about the inhabitants of Ishigakijima.
It is a place where sorrowful atmosphere makes it impossible to make a loud voice, all foot stops.


There are many unleashed horses near here, but unfortunately we could not see them.


Next is here. This place is also a place not known for sightseeing guide books, so it is a little place to know.
It has a very nice view, and the weather is nice and we feel great.


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And lunch time. I went to a newly made hamburger shop. Here is a magnificent view too. It will be a guide to the most spectacular scenery.
Hamburger costs 600 yen.


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And we went to Hirakubo Lighthouse, the northernmost tip of Ishigaki Island.
Looking at the color of this sea, 100% of people are impressed.


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From the top of a hill nearby.

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Next, let’s run the car for about 30 minutes and climb the mountain called “Nosoko Marpe” (282 m). It will arrive at the summit in about 20 minutes.
It is the summit of the highest scenery in Ishigaki-jima Island.


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After that, we moved by car, climbed Sawa for about 20 minutes and went to a waterfall.

This place is also not known to those living in Ishigaki-jima Island. I have never seen tourists either. I could monopolize without any other people.

Although the amount of water is small now, 30 seconds is the limit that is under the falls. I have dropped daily stains.

We wanted to return today at 16 o’clock so far. If time permits, we will also guide you to Kabira Bay and so on.
A greeting to a goat living in the neighborhood.


As for the guide, we have borne a basic 10,000 yen and a gasoline fee. Also I can not hold my schedule and I can do it any time I’m fine.
Please enjoy the scenery and nature of Ishigakijima which is different from ordinary sightseeing certainly.

All the English sentences used the google translation.