Do not forget to reserve of activities

“I want to diving tomorrow, I heard that you arrange it. I contacted about 10 companies by phone, but it was packed everywhere. Just now, many university Sagle students come to Japan It seems.
Diving is usually difficult with the diving reservation of the next day.
As soon as Ishigaki’s journey is decided, I recommend you to make a reservation.

Glass craft takes three days to receive the glass. It is a good thing to experience immediately after you came to the island.

Traveling will be more efficient when you make a reservation.


“私は明日ダイビングをしたい、あなたがそれを手配すると聞いた。 私は約10社に電話で連絡を取ったが、どこでも満員だった。 ちょうど今、多くの大学の学生が石垣島に来ているようです。

ガラス工芸はガラスを受け取るのに3日かかります。 あなたが島に来た直後に経験するのは良いことです。