There are a lot of car rental accidents

Many travelers from Hong Kong rent a car. About half of people staying at my house rent a car.

Hong Kong is on the left side and Japan travels on the left side. Ishigakijima has few complicated roads, it is easy to run.

However, the rules may be different.

For example, there is only one light signal like this.

You have to pause and check safety before starting.

I found a rent-a-car that I ran away without stopping the other day. I was very scared.

I do not want you to rent a car if you can. Because travelers and people living in Ishigaki Island also feel unpleasant when accidents occur.

Even if you borrow it, be sure to pay attention to safety and avoid excessive speed.

People staying at my house are preferably picked up from me. If you get late, you can use a taxi. You can leave the city within 1,000 yen.