There is an area where you can enjoy a lot of shopping and meals in the 1 kilometer range.
It is good to use it on the day before going home or on rainy days.

ドラッグストアモリ(Drug store)

You can buy medicine, cosmetics, food etc. Recommended cosmetics.

ヴィレッジヴァンガード(Village vanguard)

A grocery store for young people. Ideal for souvenirs. There are also many American products.


Everyday casual wear. cheap.


Most goods can be bought for 100 yen.

マックスバリュ(Max Value)

Many locals buy food here.


Japanese restaurant. Because many locals are cheap, use it.


You can buy casual fashion for young women.

⑧ドラッグイレブン(Drug eleven)

Drug store. Cosmetics is also popular. Many foreign tourists visit us. There is tax exemption.


Popular with locals in Japanese food. There are few tourists. Interior also feels Japan.


Home electronics, computers, daily necessities, etc. Many foreign tourists visit.

Recommended facilities when it is raining in Ishigakijima sightseeing.