All tour charges vary depending on the number of people.

I can shoot you and pass the data on CD-ROM.

One day trip 1

I will go around the northern part of Ishigaki-jima Island. The point of the superb view, we turn around the healing point. Go trekking to a waterfall or climb a mountain with a nice view.

私は石垣島の北部を回るツアーを組むことができます。 絶景のポイントや、ヒーリングポイントを回ります。 トレッキングを行ったり、山に登ったり、素晴らしい景色を眺めてみましょう。




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2015-10-12 16.15.19

One day trip 2

Turn around the western part of Ishigaki Island, centering on the most famous spot of Ishigaki-jima, Kawahira Bay. I also trek one hour.

You can also change to a half day course.





Beach(Please decide the time you want to stay.)

If you want to spend a half day or a day on the beach, I will show you to Yonehara Beach. But be careful with sunburn. Burning will result in all subsequent trips being spoiled.

ビーチで半日か一日を過ごしたいなら、米原ビーチに向かいます。 しかし、日焼けには注意してください。 日焼けしすぎると、それ以降のすべての行程がだいなしになります。

Remote island travel


Taketomijima can be enjoyed on a half-day or a day sightseeing.
Ship's round-trip is about 1000 yen. Water buffal sightseeing is 1,200 yen. Bicycle rental is 300 yen per hour. You can play with condo beach. Lunch can also be eaten in Taketomijima.
It is a landscape completely different from Ishigakijima, which makes me feel like a long time ago in Japan.


Iriomote island can be sightseeed in one day. It is quite tiring but it is fun. It costs about 15,000 yen.

Fire Fly tour

You can see the fantastic light magic.
It is limited to April and May. It is about 19:00 to 20:30. Please pay 1,000 yen for gasoline fee.

4月と5月に限られます。 19:00〜20:30程度です。 ガソリン代として1,000円になります。

Bird watching tour

I will observe a beautiful bird called Akashoubin in the morning. 7: 00-8: 30. Please pay 1,000 yen as gasoline fee.

朝にアカショウビンと呼ばれる美しい鳥を観察します。 7:00〜8:30ガソリン代として1,000円になります。