Tantan-tei is a traditional restaurant in Ishigakijima. You can eat Ishigaki beef and steak.
There is an old Okinawa garden and you can enjoy it except meals. You can go to the rooftop and enjoy a nice view.
If you use it, I will make a reservation call.
It is a 5-minute drive.



Most customers are locals. You can eat cheaply. It is a 5-minute drive.


【朝食部】とうふの比嘉 お年寄りセット350円

If you like tofu, you may go to this shop where tourists visit a lot. Ideal for breakfast.


【ランチ部】ガロパン カンパーニュ、とんこつラーメン

Pizza and pasta are recommended at the Italian restaurant. Japanese ramen is also delicious. I will take the owner’s couple for my friend. 15 minutes by car.

旬家 ばんちゃん(Syunya bancyan)

【朝食部】旬家ばんちゃん 1,080円

We can eat Japanese traditional breakfast and lunch. There is atmosphere that the house is like Japan. It is near the sea. I recommend you make a reservation.


【おやつ部】ミルミル本舗 ジェラート 320円

A place with good ocean view. Gelato and beef bowl and hamburgers are delicious at take-away fast food shop. It is recommended to go when you see the sunset. 8 minutes by car.

まるたか農園(Marutaka Farm)

recommend a harvest experience.

If you want to eat full-fledged Okinawa cuisine, I will recommend “Marutaka farm”.
Because you can harvest yourself in the neighboring field, cook, and taste.


You can enjoy a barbecue on the terrace. Please buy meat, vegetables and drinks you want to eat at the supermarket. The use fee of barbecue stove and charcoal is 1,500 yen.

There are many other tasty restaurants in Ishigakijima. You can introduce it according to your request.

石垣島には数多くのおいしいレストランがあります。 あなたはあなたのリクエストに応じてご紹介することができます。





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